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Tiina Kivinen

The large scale works of graphic artist Tiina Kivinen (born 1971) are produced by the means of metal graphic artform. Kivinen uses an exertive and slow mezzotint medium, which enables the creation of completely black tint.

Kivinen started her career by depicting abstract landscapes using mezzotint method. The charasteristics of mezzotint method are deep, voluptuous black tint and slow, laboursome working process. The method can be described as a subtle rebellion against the haste of modern way of living. In Kivinen's art, white and especially black emphasise a few colours. Physical and delicate drypoint lines bring balance to mezzotint surfaces.

The distinction of Kivinen's art works is the small size of her prints. One reason for small print series is the artist's work tempo. After the plate has been used a few times it often starts its own life - the artist changes the plate and uses it in her next work. Kivinen is facinated by transience and uniqueness, without the ballast of repetitiveness often associated with graphic art.

Nature has been and still is on the centre stage of Kivinen's art, in a clear and minimalistic form. A homage for Finnish landscape acts as a carrying force for the art pieces - latest artworks have also introduced humans as explorers to the landscape. However, nature remains as the main pictorial motif in a meditative and reduced form.

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